Selena’s Cry for Help.

Rivers of Hope

An Abortion Story of Forgiveness.

God … if you are real, forgive me and help me forgive myself.”

That was my desperate plea.

I was working the night shift as a forklift operator; it was a huge warehouse but only a small crew on nights, which was fine with me. I had been weeping off and on for weeks and needed the isolation.

My son, Devan, was two months old and my live-in boyfriend, Jason, had recently been given full custody of his 18-month-old. Jason had also recently lost his job, so I was the only one working. We were getting further and further in debt. Needless to say, we were already super stressed. Then I found out I was pregnant again!

Looking Back

My father was an alcoholic and pretty open about not wanting me around. When I was 15 I ran away from home with…

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