Why Microsoft Had No Choice But To Buy Nokia’s Smartphone Business In One Chart


Microsoft is set to close on a deal to purchase the vast majority of Nokia’s handset business in the first quarter of 2014. The deal will see the software giant become a smartphone OEM overnight, helping its push into the hardware business.

However, the choice to purchase Nokia’s Lumia line of smartphones may have been slightly less voluntary, and a bit more required than might have been previously thought.

More simply, Microsoft may have had little choice but to drop more than $7 billion on the deal.

Here’s a graph that shows search volume for Windows Phone (blue), and Lumia (red):


[The chart tracks global search volume on the Google search engine for each query, over time, on the same relative scale. As you can see, quickly following its launch, Lumia began to best Windows Phone, even though it is technically merely a participant in that platform. As time…

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