Blind man can’t afford to keep guide dog that saved his life after falling on train tracks


A blind man saved from being hit by a train by his guide dog faces losing the pet because he can no longer afford to keep him.

Cecil Williams, 61, fainted on the platform of a New York subway station and fell on to the tracks – dragging his ten-year-old black Labrador, Orlando, with him.

As Cecil lay unconscious, Orlando licked his face until he woke up – just as a train headed straight for them.

The pair rolled into a space between the tracks moments before two carriages rolled over them.

Cecil, who suffered a minor head injury, has been recovering from his ordeal in hospital.

However, he now faces being separated from Orlando because his health insurance will not cover the cost of keeping the pet when he retires next year as a working guide dog.

He said: ‘The dog saved my life. He tried to hold me up.’

According to…

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