The reason why I write

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

End of the year reflections

Why do I write? ThIMAG0117e question comes to me often, and is also one of the most frequent questions I get. It always stumps me a bit, but I know it to well. I write because there will never exist a day or a reality where I can´t. There can be days and even weeks where I am occupied by “life” where I am not able to write, but I have to keep that to a minimum. I feel awful, almost sick, the moment I am not able, or are hindered to write. A life without writing would not be much of a life for me. My writing sessions are my time off, my way out, the creation of a universe where only I exist. When I write, nothing else matters, and that feels absolutely amazing. When I make music it is a little…

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