The tarot cards. (The future is better to be unknown. Life had no guarantees.)



The tarot cards

A Story by Coyote Poetry


We can learn things in the strangest places on this planet.


   The tarot cards

I went to an old dark carnival on a hidden road outside of Sarajevo.
I have been having a dream about a Gypsy woman. The dreams had brought me to the carnival tonight.

I didn’t believe in heaven or hell. Old Army had contorted my mind and I lapse into a barbarian state. I was isolated and alone with being surrounded by a company of Soldiers.

I aspire a passage to peace and calm in the mist of hate and war. It was an Indian Summer. A warm evening I wandered into the dark carnival. Beautiful young women with dark eyes and flowing black hair seduced me with their smiles. The shapely young woman did not tempt me yet.

I was trying to find a remnant of…

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