Chandrayaan 2

Vicky Nanjappa

chandrayaan2The announcement by K Radhakrishnan, chief of the Indian Space Research Organisation about launching Chandrayaan 2 by 2016-17 is an indicator that teething problems regarding the mission have been cleared.


Indian Space Research Organisation is all set to go alone on this mission as opposed to the earlier idea of being a joint venture with Russia.


Chandrayaan 2 according to ISRO is the second moon mission it is undertaking. ISRO has termed Chandrayaan 1 as a successful mission despite it being recalled prematurely. ISRO said that it had attained its objective. Chandryaan 2 which will be launched by the GSLV is aimed at studying soil and rock samples for on site chemical analysis on the moon. Chandryaan 2 will relay the data to the earth.


At first the agreement was to launch this project with Russia. It was agreed that ISRO would provide the launch vehicle GSLV…

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