She was a diamond.







(True beauty is the things we do and reflex. If we hold hope and dreams. Sing songs of love and kindness. We can know real peace and give hope to many people.)

She was a diamond

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need to be thankful when we hold something precious in our hands.


She was a  Diamond

20 Nov. 1994

The drunk man toasts to better days.
We touched shot glasses.
I asked him.
Did he ever see a woman who shone like a diamond?
So bright  with hope and love.
She can bring you out of this hell?
My drunk friend just turns away.

I wander to a safe and quiet corner.
I remember her blue eyes.
Clear as a mountain stream.
Her flowing auburn hair.
Her beautiful smile that still can bring a smile back to me.

She was a baby in living.

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