Weekend (2011)

Dan the Man's Movie Reviews

Most of my life-altering moments occur on “Hump Day“. But that’s just my weird luck.

Russell (Tom Cullen) is a shy, rather lonely homosexual man that leaves his best-mate’s house-party one night to go out clubbing. Not much happens really – he gets drunk, he checks out some fellow guys and he ends up going home with somebody. That somebody just so happens to be Glen (Chris New), a guy who is quite opposite to Russell. For starters, he’s a lot more out-and-about his homosexuality, likes to discuss a lot of thought-provoking ideas and is more energetic when he’s around others in a fun, lively environment. It shouldn’t work, but somehow, these two men form a bond and end-up spending a few days together where they talk, make love, do drugs, discuss the future of what they could, or better yet, should be, hang-out with other people, get…

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