Bahraini royals live in palaces, poor people amidst sewage

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This video says about itself:

Peaceful protests; march to Safriya Royal Palace in thousands. 12 March 2011.

This palace is one of the biggest in Bahrain.

Open sewage in Bahrain

While Bahraini royals live in big expensive palaces, poor Bahraini people live amidst open sewage.

From Trade Arabia today:

Sewage on streets ‘a rights abuse’

Manama, 3 hours, 28 minutes ago

Human rights activists in Bahrain have waded into an ongoing row over sewage flooding in residential neighbourhoods.

They are threatening to take to the streets in protest and say overflowing human waste is an infringement of people’s right to a clean environment, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.

Plans have been in place since 2007 to remove old septic tanks and install a new sewage system in the older parts of Riffa.

Work began in 2008 and was supposed to be completed by 2010…

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