Nintendo boss and execs take pay cut over Wii U sales


Shigeru Miyamoto himself has taken a 30% pay cut, as Nintendo reveal their financial results for the last nine months.

Nintendo’s execs have agreed to slash their own pay packets, as they take an unusual amount of personal responsibility for the company’s current troubles.

President and CEO Satoru Iwata is to take a 50 per cent reduction, which is on top of a 50 per cent cut he took in the wake of the 3DS’s weak launch. The 3DS has since recovered but thanks to the Wii U’s performance Iwata’s wallet has not.

This time round the problems are even more serious though, and so the entire board of directors has also taken a 20 per cent pay cut. General manager Genyo Takeda and Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto went further and took a 30 per cent reduction.

The cuts will stay in place until June, when the board…

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