I Love You Three, Mummy (DP WW Challenge)



Sometimes my teacher thinks I’m not concentrating; not paying attention, but I am. The thing is, I hear and see everything. And it’s so much, sometimes too much Mummy. I hear thirty other children breathing, whispering, shuffling, yawning, sighing, wobbling teeth, scuffing feet. I hear the clock on the wall with it’s loud incessant ticking. Tick, tick, tick. Comforting and infuriating all at the same time. I hear noises from the four other classrooms that surround us. I hear the goldfish in the bowl popping air bubbles on the surface as they search for food. I hear the wind outside and the leaves rustling in the trees. So many leaves all brushing together at once; it’s deafening. I hear an aeroplane high above us. And I hear my teacher ask a question. I answer immediately, before anyone else even has the chance to process what has been said. And…

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