Tofu & Tapenade? The Unspoken Food Rules of Football

Emily Contois

With the completion of the AFC and NFC Championships, Super Bowl XLVIII will soon be upon us, along with its super-sized spread of snacks, which forms an American meal as iconic as Thanksgiving. Just as there are “authentic” and “traditional” dishes that accompany our national holiday dedicated to gratitude and family, unspoken rules guide which foods pair perfectly with America’s favorite sport. Two recent TV commercials make this point abundantly clear.

While much of the recent campaign for Chevrolet’s Silverado has emphasized strength, hard work, and individualism, the new “Wheatgrass” commercial instead cuts to the heart of tailgating—the food. As a gleaming white truck pulls up with a behemoth barbecue in tow, a male voiceover recites a poem-like ode to simple and straightforward masculinity, football, and the food that ought to accompany them:

A man.

A man and his truck.

And tofu, and veggie burgers, and raw kale salads.


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