10 Things to Compare Life to

I'm Just Humorous and Creative

Looking for some funny and interesting quotes about Life? That’s right, life with a capital “L”. Here are ten great things to compare life to:

10. Life is like a treadmill. If you keep running you’ll eventually fall flat on your face and get tossed aside.

9. Life is like a bicycle. If a hill is too hard to climb, switch gears.

8. Life is like plasma TV. You will eventually burn out unless you try something new.

7. Life is like a super movie. It’s funny, dramatic, romantic, and there are surprises around every corner.

6. Life is like girls. It’s very emotional.

5. Life is like men. It’s very dirty.

4. Life is like a dog. Just keep your bone hidden.

3. Life is like the brain. There are two sides.

2. Life is like a car. You will need a change in order to keep going.


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