Minoborony Ukrainy Big Sez Military Support Yanukovich in Resolving Crisis

Voices from Russia

00 T-64 tanks. Ukrainian Army. 02.02.14


On Saturday, Ukrainian Defence MinisterPavel Lebedev said that most in the forces support Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich‘s actions to resolve the current political crisis. A Minoborony Ukrainy source said, “It’s significant that 87 percent, the vast majority of personnel, support the actions of the President of the Ukraine to prevent further societal conflict. They urge an immediate stop to the illegal acts that we see today in our country”.

1 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

I believe that the 87 percent figure applies to long-service officers and warrant officers. In short, Yanukovich has the forces’ leadership behind him… that means that the oppos aren’t really in the driver’s seat at all. Yanukovich is playing for time… for time is against the oppos. They simply don’t have the resources to keep people on the streets. Let’s wait and see… “It ain’t over ‘till its over”.


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