From the mouths of babes….


Don’t you love how kids can be so brutally honest? I think it’s fantastic that little ones don’t have a social filter and will say whatever comes to mind…well, at least 95% of the time I do.
The other 5% of the time I could easily do without it, and it seems there is some weird parental law that says this 5% of the time will occur in public.
Mr E (aged 3) for example, leaves his social filter in the house almost every time we go out. I never know what to expect with this one, and if we can make it through an outing without unintentionally insulting someone, it’s been a good day.
My favourite comments include “mummy that lady has big boobies like you” or when he saw an overweight person buying chocolate “I don’t think they need that, they fat” or when he sees other kids…

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