Timing… Timing is Key

Ummmm... WHAT?!?!

Its funny, life that is, its all about time. I understand you think of course Cole, too much time or not enough time but when I’m talking about time I don’t mean seconds or minutes or hours, heck not even days. I’m talking about moments, about how certain moments and events almost align like the stars did in Disney’s Hercules when it was perfect time for him to die… they obviously knew nothing because he doesn’t… SPOILER ALERT.

Anyways I bring this up because I have been thinking about writing about it then boom just like I’m trying to say something came in perfect timing to prove my point.  I’m guessing by you reading this you saw the link on facebook and also saw that Seahawks won the super bowl, if you didn’t know that… yikes talk about spoiler eh? Funny thing about that game was that as I watched…

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