Joan Walsh takes idiocy to a new level

The Daley Gator

I will sum up Joan Walsh’s intellectual ability by saying this. She makes Jimmy Carter look smart

Watching Fox’s Bill O’Reilly interview President Obama before the Super Bowl last night, you could find evidence for Rich’s view. Obama seemed calm and sane, while O’Reilly appeared unmoored from reality, like a patient who’d gotten a day pass from a sanitarium where delusional convalescents babble about Benghazi and the IRS and the Obamacare website until someone comes and puts them to bed.

Actually, if you delete the references to Benghazi and the IRS, you would say Joan Walsh, possibly the world’s biggest Obamabot, is describing herself. Now, I am not implying here that Walsh is crazy, I don’t have to, she says that every time she speaks on MSNBS or writes at Salon. Hell Joan Walsh cannot order a pizza without seeing something racist about it. But enough about Joan Walsh’s mental…

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