February 3rd

sarah takes pictures

I took this photo at 11:56 p.m. yesterday.


My camera was dead, so I used my phone. That’s my tablet under there underneath my bedsheets. My tablet was opened to my Pinterest page where I’m uploading all these pictures. So this project 365 photo was illuminated by its brethren, and this picture will eventually join those pictures on that same Pinterest page. This is getting Inception, people. We’re through the looking glass, people. I’m not positive what the image in particular is that’s casting that orange blur in the sheets, but it makes me think of a fresh egg yolk. I still haven’t taken a picture today* so look forward to some more goofy abstract household oddities and maybe later this week I can take a picture we can all understand. Godspeed. Who am I addressing? I don’t know!

* Except for a picture of the little fat cat mid-yawn…

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