Stay The Hell Out Of LA New Yorkers!

That Mr. G Guy's Blog

E C Hackett, proprietor of Blackmailers Don’t Shoot is mad. Some asshole is recommending people from New York City move out to Los Angeles. There are enough moonbats in LA now…they don’t need a bunch of hipster yahoos from New York City moving out there and really screwing things up worse than they already are:

This is just getting worse and worse. I hope this pasty little weirdo doesn’t have the kind of clout he had in the 90s.

[Moby] yearns for the old days of New York City, where it was scary and full of drugs and disease, but a hotbed for creatives. Los Angeles, he says, is a crazy mash-up of neighborhoods that act like parts of a eukaryotic cell with no real nucleus. This creates a certain climate that is constantly changing and new. It’s also a place where you can fail comfortably, as opposed to New…

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