004- the cat lady.

life lessons by v

So.  We’ve all heard of the cat lady.  You know, the old lady who ends up alone with no one to love her so in order to fill that void she buys 100 cats?  Like hey everyone stop being so judgmental of her.  Because quite frankly, I believe that this is where we are all headed.  Because lol at boys who want to be committed (do those even exist anymore?).

I guess I can actually totally judge her on the cats because ew absolutely never in a million years, but dogs I could definitely go for.  And just a little tip for everyone out there: absolutely don’t ever become a crazy hamster lady because I’ve had like 10 and they all die of wet tail.  Yeah, that’s a hamster disease where (because they are so mentally retarded) they will sit under their water bottle and let their tail get wet…

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