February Blossom


Oughhh… Febuary ALREADY…. Wow… TIME…’You’re FAST’!

Anyway.. No time wasted, Life Goes On, I get so Excited about ‘every-single-day’.

‘Ended’ my January by watching this Movie entitled “Comic 8”

It’s an Indonesian Movie, trust me it’s totally Funny & Entertaining!

& I’m soooo willing to re-watching it 🙂 ‘check-this-out’.

Then, Listen to some ‘Random’ Songs here:

“GROWL” – EXO Yeap, another Korean song by EXO. 

Finally found another excellent Korean Boyband. (they can sing & dance in 1 accord)


Then, Started my 1st February in Depok City

PicMonkey Collage h

Spending Precious time with Friends, sisters 🙂

PicMonkey Collageuty

Ow… and got “Early- Feb’s-Surprised”

White-Roses are my Favorite.

“You can NEVER go Wrong with White-Roses”.


You are ALREADY Being AMAZING February 🙂


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