Nth The Beginning

The New English Empire: Dangerous Diction


The Beginning of All
( ??? )
The Sky, the Universe…
And this planet…


Was without definition

It lacked everything…

Maybe it was a blueprint?

Then pow!
Electro-fallafels of light hit the humus!

Dang, that looked good

Day 2?

There was evening, then morning…
That seems backwards…
But people are backwards…
Is written

Or something

Hour 37

It was getting really hot

So all the suns were dispersed across the galaxy

Some suns said, “Hey… let’s go over here and do nothing”. So they took trillions of stars to trillions of galaxies and nobody truly cares what that number is except for an alien named, “Calgon”. He got taken away.

So while the council of Zoom delivered the crates of farm animals in tarps and they were running around, the high councilman whose name is:

( c e n s…

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