The Dark Night



Love and passion are two sides of the same coin. Without one, the other cannot be complete. Love making beside the fireplace has been an erotic thought, for couples over the years. This poem touches the one night of lovemaking between a pair and knowing what indeed is more important, just the love, just the passion, just the commitment or everything indeed. Let us dwell in the dark night, with the one we love, we desire, let us for now again reignite the fire.


Cold winds were blowing; it was indeed a dark night,

A knock on thy door, of your beloved knight.


As you opened the gates, the winds blew cross your face,

I had indeed come, completing my chase.


You lead me to a seat, poured a glass of wine,

The sumptuous meal ready, we enjoyed the fine dine.


I lit the fireplace, quilts…

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