Reportage: Blow by Shan Bhattacharya

Fluster Magazine

Shan Bhattacharya is a self-taught photographer based in Kolkata, India. His work has previously been published in many magazines and has been exhibited in Gallery Gold, Kolkata. He has self-published a book titled ’13’ in December, 2013. His work is mostly concerned about abandonment, decay, memory and detachment.

Text and photos by Shan Bhattacharya
Translated by Chiara Costantino

[traduzione in italiano in basso]


‘Blow’ takes a metaphorical look at modern-day consumerism and how it affects our inner state. All the diptychs in this collection individually may lead to different interpretations, but as a whole they represent us, and give a commentary on the culture that surrounds us.


Selection of subjects on the left of each image was done to concentrate on various articles that goes inside the mouth, not essentially food in some cases. The right part of each image consisting of x-ray plates, CAT scans or ultrasonograms exposing different…

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