Self Hypnosis. Do It. Now.

inhale life. exhale love.

Alright, so I’ve never really been one of those meditating, yoga doing, soul searching people. It all always seemed like a waste of time to me for the most part. Sure, yoga helps you with balance and so on and so forth, and I’m sure meditation does something awesome too, but I’ve never really believed that any of that stuff could actually make a positive impact on your life. Until today.

I’ve been doing a little research lately about self hypnosis. The subject of being hypnotized has always intrigued me, but I was somewhat raised to think it was a strange sort of witchcraft or something. I always thought hypnosis was what fortune tellers and witches did, you know, the whole watch swinging in front of your face and magical chants and swirling lights. Not accurate at all.

My interest in the subject was sparked when my boyfriend mentioned that…

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