Today In Justin Bieber News-Did Blake Griffin “Slap The S*** Out Of Justin”?

98.5 KLUC Las Vegas

The internet (an always trustworthy source) has blown up with a story about Justin Bieber getting slapped by Los Angeles Laker, Blake Griffin at a Los Angeles Starbucks.

The way the (unconfirmed) story was told, was that Justin walked into Starbucks shirtless. The Barista told him he wouldn’t be served until he put a shirt on and at that point, Bieber filpped out, threatening the Barista and claiming that his body guard would beat his a**. It just so happened that Blake Griffin was at the Starbucks when this happened, stepped in and told Justin to calm down. Justin then talked back to Blake Griffin, who slapped Justin so hard he hit the ground, got up and left, appearing to tear up.

If you Google the story now, you’ll see that many sites are reporting this story as a hoax, though it seems as though a lot of people wish…

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