Finding Minnesota: Randall’s 90-Year-Old ‘Shoe Lady’

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

RANDALL, Minn. (WCCO) — Radio listeners in central Minnesota occasionally hear a voice that’s so unexpected and so unconventional, they have to stop and listen.

It’s the sweet, grandmotherly voice of Lenore Olson, selling shoes and boots just a few weeks before her 90th birthday.

“Hi, I’m Lenore from Bermel’s,” the ad begins. “When you put on your insulated boots this morning, weren’t you thankful?”

Olson is known around the region as The Shoe Lady.

She visits a radio studio every few weeks, reading ad copy she wrote herself for Bermel’s Shoes in Randall.

The store owner, Tim Koenig, said the ads have been effective.

“People come in looking for her,” he said, (asking) ‘is there really a Shoe Lady?”

There really is a Shoe Lady, and she not only pitches footwear on the radio, she’s been working in the store for 43 years.

“You’re going to live in…

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