A Muslim Response to Barbie’s Open Letter

Christina Tasca

Barbie is #unapologetic. Barbie is #unapologetic.

[Author’s note: After reading and responding to comments, I realized that there has been a fair amount of misinterpretation of my critique of “Barbie’s” letter. I have made some slight edits which I feel better convey my attempt to demonstrate how some of her statements that are meant to be inclusive and empowering are in fact contradictory to her supposed intentions.]

I was the quintessential girly-girl when I was little. My parents would tell me stories of how I used to scream bloody murder if I was not put in a dress and tights with ruffles on the butt. I walked around the house in those plastic high heels with cheap dollar store blue eyeshadow and waxy pink lipstick. I grew up on Barbies. Every year for Christmas my grandmother would buy me the Christmas edition doll and I would stare at her in the box and…

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